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  • Tablet Cost:
  • 29.00
  • Contract Length:
  • 24 Months
  • Contract Features:
  • 3GB Monthly Internet Data Allowance Plus unlimited WiFi
  • Other Bonuses:
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iPhone 5 Review


Ok, so the first thing everyone worries about when buying a new phone is what the thing looks like and whether or not it will settle in your palm like a little block of heaven. Well, it’s not quite like holding a block of the fictional construct I just mentioned, but it is as smooth as you would expect from an Apple device, and it is noticeably light. It’s so light, it feels like you’re actually holding a cloud in your hand, or something of similar mass anyway. Its lightness is also accompanied by some extra length as well, which people with the daintier hands among us will find difficult to navigate with one hand. The last notable feature of the build is that even though it hasn’t got the satisfying weightiness of the 4 or 4S, its ceramic white/anodized black look and the two-tone contrast on the reverse of the phone is beautiful to look at.


The iPhone 5’s screen/display isn’t going to satisfy you if you’re transitioning from one of Samsung’s portable cinema screens: it maintains the same width as before and is simply a little taller in height. The retina display of course edges it out slightly against its Samsung competitors (you can’t even see the pixels) but it just can’t compete with the size of many smartphones available today.

Rings and Snaps

By this, I obviously mean the calls and the camera, but I should hope this was inferred. The camera remains at 8 megapixels, which is by no means meagre but where’s the improvement, Apple? Panoramic snaps can now be take, which is lovely and all, but burst mode still remains absent. That said, the quality of the photos that it captures is more than enough to rival any Samsung out there.

There’s not too much to say about the call quality aside from the fact that the audio is as  crisp as a phonecall will ever be required to be.


The new Apple A6 mobile processor gives the phone some impressive legs, resulting in some of the smoothest transitions between demanding apps that I’ve ever seen.


This is one of the main criteria I use to judge a phone’s ability to sink or swim, and I’ll comfortably say that the iPhone 5 is a strong swimmer in this respect. 24 hours of average use (no intensive media or abundance of apps) leaves the battery at around 55-60%, which is competitive even in today’s cutthroat smartphone market.


Ok, so it isn’t as huge as it was made out to be, but with iOS 6 came Apple Maps, and along with this came some extremely poor performance and the frequent inability to get you where you wanted to go. This has been corrected with the ability to use Google maps to its full capability, making good use of the step-by-step navigation feature that is extremely nifty on pretty much any journey where you have to go anywhere (i.e. all of them)


 When it comes down to it, if you’re vehemently against using an iPhone, then this model isn’t going to get you to change your mind anytime soon. As is the standard with Apple, the step up to the next model is pretty small, with minute tweaks and improvements rather than dramatic U-turns of design and function. With Apple, it’s not about revolution but refinement (and other such sentimental drivel) of features and design, which it has most certainly achieved in the iPhone 5.