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Compare the best iPhone 4S offers for contracts below from the UK's major networks to find your the perfect deal.

Phone Network Contract Price (Per Month) Minutes (Per Month) Texts (Per Month) Internet Data (Per Month)
O2best O2 iPhone 4S Deals 17 to 47 100 to Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 100MB to 4GB Find the Latest Offers
Threebest Three iPhone 4S Deals 29 to 40 500 to 2000 minutes 5000 texts Unlimited data Find the Latest Offers
T-Mobilebest T-Mobile iPhone 4S Deals 7 to 51 50 to 1200 minutes Unlimited texts 250MB to 1GB data Find the Latest Offers
Orangebest Orange iPhone 4S Deals 10.50 to 52 100 to Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 0 to 8GB Find the Latest Offers
Vodafonebest Vodafone Deals 33 to 47 600 to Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 500MB to 4GB Find the Latest Offers

iPhone 4S Review

Design and Build

Visually, the iPhone 4S is identical to the iPhone 4, which is of course a very good thing. This means we get an elegantly designed handset with scratch-resistant, glass-covered front and back and a stainless steel band separating the two panels. In terms of size, the phone is 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm, which does seem a small phone in today’s land of the giants. It is also not the thinnest phone on the market; although, this is actually a positive and adds to the premium feel of the device, as does the rather heavy 140-gram weight.


The iPhone 4S features a 3.5 –inch screen, and looking at it now does seem somewhat strange given just how much phones have grown in the past year or so. While it does seem a little bit too small, the quality of the display is excellent. With a 960 x 640p resolution at 330ppi, Apple’s Retina Display technology set the bar high for smartphone displays at the time, and is still one of the most impressive on the market today. A joy to use in virtually any light conditions, colours offer great vibrancy, making the phone a pleasure to look at.


The iPhone 4S packs in an 8-MP camera, a jump up from the 5-MP shooter found in the iPhone 4 and a major selling point. Performance is improved dramatically from what was already a solid camera, with colours looking more balanced and natural. The upgraded 1080p video recording is also excellent, proving much crisper and sharper than its predecessor. Using the camera is as simple as you could possibly hope for, and the panoramic and HDR features are great.

On the front of the device, Apple has stuck with the same 480p@30fps VGA camera. Not the greatest, but satisfactory for FaceTime.


Performance is another area in which the iPhone 4S is a great improvement on its predecessor, boasting a dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 in place of a single-core Cortex-A8. The faster processor means that everything is done that little bit quicker and slicker. Apps load immediately, video playback is top notch, and there is no sign of lag with 3D gaming. This processor might not be quad-core, but it is perfect for what the iPhone 4S needs. 512 MB of RAM is used to keep things running smooth, but a boost to 1 GB would have probably been better for the long-term.

Apple’s usual offerings of 16, 32, and 64 GB of storage provide plenty of room for apps and media, while the battery has been improved, giving a full day’s charge on moderate use and tasks such as gaming and watching movies not proving so much of a drain on juice.


The iPhone 4S comes running iOS 5 out-of-the-box. This was the latest operating system at the time, but an iOS 6 upgrade is now available. With iOS 5, users can expect better-layered apps, new notifications (copied from Android), iCloud, and the personal assistant Siri.


The iPhone 4S is a decent step up from the iPhone 4 and, with iOS 6 now available, proves a decent alternative to the iPhone 5. While it can no longer be classed as top-tier, the iPhone 4S is certainly at the top of the pile in the mid-range. Rating: 9/10.

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