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Small screens are quite obviously a thing of the past, as LG's high-end smartphone entry into the fierce competition, the G2, demonstrates in no meek way. 5.2 inches of 424 ppi pixel density is no small feat, and a quad-core 2.26 GHz processor isn't something that should be taken lightly either. Where LG were once hugely behind in the battle of the smartphones, this handset's sheer power, its astonishing screen, and its all-round beastliness puts it right in the running for your hard-earned money, and I won't even begin to pretend like it isn't positioned somewhere near the top.

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iPhone 5

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Regardless of the Hipster communities’ affinity for the iPhone and Apple products in general, it cannot be denied that the phone preceded with the lower-case i is pretty much the only true contender to Samsung’s range of Android-based phones.

I try and leave the particulars of the Android/iOS conflict out of my daily life, but the situation is really taken out of my hands because not a few moments can go by without someone whipping out their 4S or their Galaxy S4. Apple and Samsung are everywhere, it’s a fact that simply must be accepted. I’ll admit to falling firmly on the Apple side of the fence, which is why I’m taking a brief look at the iPhone 5 to document its features and its flaws for reference purposes. It’s not that I don’t like Android, it’s that Android makes it very difficult for me to like it in spite of my persistent attempts, and when it comes down to it, iPhones are simply more intuitive than their Android opposition. 

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HTC has earned a reputation over the past few years for producing plenty of smartphones that boast great specs but lack appeal. With the HTC One, the Taiwanese company are looking to change all that and rival Samsung at the top of the Android market.

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iPhone 4S

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A lot has happened in the smartphone world since the iPhone 4S was released in late 2011; however, there remains great interest in the last of Apple's 3.5-inch screen handsets. With the iPhone 5 now standing aloft as Apple's flagship phone, does the iPhone 4S still have what it takes to impress?

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